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Vinyl Siding vs. Stucco

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Vinyl Siding vs. Stucco

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Whether you are setting out to build a new home, or just replace the siding of your current home, there are many different options. Two of the most popular options today are vinyl siding and stucco, but which are better for your situation? Weigh out all the different options to determine which of these will work better in your home. Finding the right fit for your situation will make all the difference.



Start out by looking at examples in other people’s homes. There are many different styles in both stucco and vinyl siding options that can be incorporated into a home. If you search through the different options that are available to you, you are bound to find something you like in each style.


From there it comes down to the other factors involved. Both types of siding can give great insulation from the weather. While stucco siding will give a more natural look, vinyl siding gives a slick clean appearance. Decide which style will fit in best with the rest of your home.




When it comes to cost, vinyl siding is one of the cheapest options you can choose for the exterior of your home. Because of this, it has become the most popular choice for quite some time. This cost is determined by the initial installation, and the long term costs that may pop up over time.


The reason stucco is more expensive is because of the time and attention that is required to install it rather than other options. It must be done right to ensure no holes will develop over time. Vinyl on the other hand is relatively easy for a professional to install, and can be done in a shorter length of time.




The maintenance that is required for a certain aspect of the home should always be examined by the homeowner before investing in that option. Even if something seems cheap at first, it may be harboring long term costs that can really add up.


When it comes to maintenance, vinyl siding requires very little. Unlike wood and paint, this siding doesn’t have the potential to become discolored or rot. The most common maintenance problem to happen with vinyl siding will usually occur one panel at a time or in a group. This is not a common occurrence, and comes at a low cost. Stucco siding has some of the same features. Although holes may begin to appear in some places, they can be patched up. If properly attended to, both of these types of siding can last a quarter of a century.


Take the time to look into all your options when it comes to the siding of your home. Although partially an issue of personal preference, there are both advantages and disadvantages with each of these types of siding. Make sure to choose which will best fit your home.

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