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The Dangers of Having No Rain Gutters on Your Home

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The Dangers of Having No Rain Gutters on Your Home

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If you don’t have rain gutters on your home, more damage may be happening than you realize. For the best protection against the elements, invest in rain gutters. Even though they come with some maintenance, they will add far more positives to your home than negatives.


When maintained properly, gutters on a house can look very nice. You can make them unique in the way they are designed. Investing in rain chains ratherrain gutter than typical downspouts can be aesthetically pleasing in your own décor.

While it is raining outside, gutters can be a great convenience. While trying to make your way out to the car, or to the back gate to bring the dog out of the torrent, rain gutters will make a huge difference. Without them, resign yourself to getting wet. The rain falling off the roof will fall directly on you while walking along the side of the house. With them however, there will be a haven for you against the moisture right along the house.


Many don’t realize it, but the lack of rain gutters can cause damage to your home, especially if you have a basement. Without them, the water is allowed to fall directly againcracked-foundationst the house. This may not seem like a big deal, but as it continues, severe damage is possible.

The foundation of your house is built to last, but standing water can be destructive over time. It will soak into the ground, resting right against the concrete. Cracks will begin to form over time. Eventually, the gradient of your lawn will begin to slope towards the house, creating more issues. To prevent a flood in your basement, invest in rain gutters.

The cost of rain gutters is nothing compared to the expense of what could happen. To avoid a flood in your basement, invest in rain gutters. For the premier installation prices and services, call the best in the business.

By Cassie Costner

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