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Reusing Your Rain Gutter Matter

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Reusing Your Rain Gutter Matter

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Reusing Your Rain Gutter MatterFall is coming fast and with that a need to prepare your yard for winter. One of the most important things to take care of is removing leaves, dirt, and other debris from the gutters. Rather than just throwing this organic material away, there are things that can be done to recycle and make this useful. Look into just a few of the ways you can reuse your rain gutter matter, making improvements in your yard. As you use this material, it is best for most of these projects to further cut up the material either with a leaf compost or by other means.


Fertilize the Lawn



Rather than using a leaf compost here, you can simply spread the leaf mixture across your lawn and go over it with a lawn mower. While leaving leaves that fall directly from your tree on the lawn without any change will be damaging, breaking it up will make it easier to decompose, bringing many benefits to your lawn. This will add nitrogen to the soil, all while still allowing oxygen and sun to come through keeping the grass healthy.





Take the matter from your gutters and place them in with your perennial plants that will need to brave through the winter. the mulch can be used as a protection against the freeze while giving these plants extra nutrients. Be sure not to pile this on too thick right against the trunk of the plants, but instead around the bed to make them more effective. In addition to this, you can use this mulch on your garden after the harvest to keep the ground fertilized and ready for the next season.





Halloween comes right around the time when gutters will need to be cleaned out and leaves are falling off the trees. Use this time to use both the matter from your gutter as well as these fallen leaves to create your halloween decorations. During this season there are halloween themed bags with anything from pumpkins to witches. These range in size, some coming as big as garbage bags. Stuff these full with the leave matter to get rid of the unnecessary as well as decorate your home. This will be beneficial especially to those looking to decorate on a budget.

While the rain gutter material can be damaging to your gutters, it will be beneficial to other parts of your yard. Make sure the material is far enough torn apart if you use it for fertilizer or mulch. Reap these natural benefits straight from your gutters.

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