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Rain Gutter Aesthetics: Install a Rain Chain

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Rain Gutter Aesthetics: Install a Rain Chain

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Improving the aesthetics of your rain gutters is a simple as installing a rain chain. These simple devices also serve a practical purpose of keeping water runoff away from accumulating at the foundation of your home. Rain chains come in many different styles and can even be constructed at home from materials like ceramic disks or metal cups. These chains improve the look and feel of your roof and gutter. Of course, the biggest benefits to improving the aesthetics of your roof and gutter is also being able to conserve and re-purpose water coming off your roof and through your gutters. Here is a look at some of the tops benefits of rain chains.


Redirects Runoff



Redirecting water runoff from the roof away from the foundation is important to protecting the foundation from damage due to water accumulation from heavy rains. In essence, the rain chain functions in place of the downspout to carry water off the roof and direct it away from the foundation. This alternative to the downspout is more decorative and easy to put together and install. This water runoff can then be directed to a vegetated or rocky landscaped area to further help manage and re-purpose water flow. Make sure the rain chain has enough clearance from where you attach it to the ground to effectively control runoff. Measure the area where you want to install the chain. Too high and the water will splash from the chain; too low and the water can pool out of the bottom of the chain.


Easy to Install


The rain chain is typically installed from the opening where the downspout of the gutters is located. Installation is simple and straightforward since all that is required is removing the downspout and placing the top of the chain over the hole. Most rain chains come with a gutter attachment piece to place on top of the chain over the hole. This enables water to be directed freely into the chain. An installation kit can also be used to reduce the size of the hole and better direct water into the chain if the hole and the chain are not the same size. Many of these kits have outlet tubes that can be used to keep water from flowing on the underside of the gutters and dripping outside the chain after installation.


Stylish Gutters

Once the chain is installed, there are a few options for what to do with the area at the bottom of the chain to further improve the aesthetic of the area. Incorporating stoneware or ceramic pots for the water to flow into can add a decorative flare to the chain. You can also construct a small square area at the base out of wood and fill it with rocks or plant vegetation to mitigate the water runoff. With the right kind of landscaping and decorative touches to the chain and surrounding area, you can vastly improve the aesthetics of the gutters and exterior corners of your home.