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Protection for Your Gutters

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Protection for Your Gutters

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The gutters of your home serve an important function in keeping your home protected from damaging weather. To keep this protection in your home, it is important to further protect your rain gutters from leaves, debris, ice, snow, and other dangers that may come this way. At Rain Gutter Specialties, we have three different systems to help keep damage from happening to your rain gutters. Choose the gutter protection system that will best suit your needs, ensuring your gutters will continue to serve your home.


Why Gutters?


First it is important to examine what gutters do to protect your home. This protection is especially important during the months of the highest precipitation. Your roof is designed to allow rain to tumble down the sides, preventing it from pooling and causing damage. Without gutters, this water falls directly around the sides of your home, seeping into the foundation. Over time the seeping will cause damage, cracking the foundation and allowing water damage into your home. Gutters will be the first and most effective defense here.


Even with gutters sometimes these dangers can occur if the proper steps of protection aren’t taken. Because of this Rain Gutter Specialties has additional protection that can be added to your gutters. These three protections will keep leaves and other debris out of your gutters, requiring less time for you in cleaning them out.


Gutter Protections


There are three main types of gutter protection offered by Rain Gutter Specialties. Each of these have been designed to withstand the elements, all while allowing water to enter your gutters and effectively drain down the right channels:


  • The Solution – this consists of a high quality aluminum design that prevents gutters from overflowing while still stopping leaves from entering. This system is ideal for both older and newer gutters as it can be applied to both. Rather than trapping leaves just outside the gutters, this system will stop leaves from getting stuck here.
  • Leaf Terminator – this system works similarly to The Solution, and is useful on both a residential and industrial level. This system has a water flow ridge and valleys which will prevent leaves from entering the gutters. They still will be able to withstand heavy rainfall.
  • Gutter Topper – the gutter topper is unique in design and comes from the experience of Rain Gutter Specialties. It is effective in keeping all debris out of the gutters, as well as withstanding winds and rains that reach up to hurricane levels. This gutter protection will last, delivering the best protection.

There are a few ways to better protect your gutters from the elements. Make the changes by adding this additional strength to your gutters, ensuring they will be prepared to stand during any weather situation without additional maintenance.