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Preparing Your Home for Fall

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Preparing Your Home for Fall

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Preparing Your Home for FallWhile the heat of summer is still upon us, soon fall will be here. Start thinking about your home preparations for this coming autumn, taking care of both the big and the little things. By making these changes around your home, the transition between these seasons will occur more seamlessly, keeping away the all too common problems.


Seal the Cracks



An alarming amount of energy is lost through your home every day through cracks in your home. This includes not only cracking in the foundation and walls, but the small space between windows and doors where air can escape. Before getting into the months where cold weather nips at the door, get these cracks sealed and the weathering strips between doors and windows replaced if they are out of date. This will help raise the energy efficiency of your home this coming winter, keeping your bills lower than ever before.


Get the Roof Checked



This is especially important for those living in an area that receives high amounts of snowfall every year. Rather than waiting to find out what damage will be delivered, get your roof checked during or right before fall. Remove any debris that has congregated here as well as looking for damaged shingles. Getting these small things fixed early will help avoid a bigger problem down the road.


Clean Out the Gutters


Fall and winter will come with an increase of precipitation that cannot be ignored. To keep the foundation of your home safe from water damage, make sure your rain gutters are in top condition. This includes removing debris from the gutters, and checking the downspouts for potential problems. During a rainstorm go outside and watch how the water falls off the roof. The majority should be flowing through the downspouts without any issue.


Get the Driveway Repaired


Winter can be hard on your foundation and driveway. Cracks that have already begun to form will be made worse because of the cold. When water makes its way into these cracks, the cold will freeze it and cause more damage to be done. While the initial cost of repairing your driveway might be high, the lasting benefits will be well worth it.
Start thinking about the maintenance issues you will need to attend to this fall. By taking part in each of these checks, you will lessen the damage that fall and the subsequent winter can deliver. Better protect your home from damage now before the weather starts to shift.

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