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Most Creative Gutters

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Creativity can be useful, but not always when it comes to your rain gutters. We all know why it is important to have rain gutters. Without them, it could cause serious water damage in our homes.


Some of the most creative rain gutters may be a success; others can cause destruction to your yard and home.


The good


Even if your rain gutters are properly working, that doesn’t always mean they are in the best functional condition they should be. If you do not have a long enough downspout, this could cause some of the same problems as no gutters at all.the good


To design a creative extended downspout, take a cardboard shipping tube and line that with a garbage bag. To ensure that the cardboard will stay protected, you can line both the inside of the tube, as well as the outer portion.


Attach this to the end of your downspout to extend it even father away from the house. This will prevent water from pooling up around the foundation.


The bad


the badSome ideas may start out with good intentions in mind, but they don’t always have the results you desire. If you are fixing your own rain gutters, make sure to do the work properly.


Take this gutter for example. Instead of creating a downspout, both ends have caps. There is nowhere for the water to drain. Instead, these gutters will have no function. The water will run off from all sides as if they weren’t in place.


The ugly


Sometimes it is better to just get the job done right instead of wasting time and money on your own creative methods. When your gutter is on its last leg, thatthe ugly 2 doesn’t mean you need to create a leg for it to stand on. Instead take the time to replace, or repair your gutter the right way. In the end this can save you even more.


If you have any questions about how to fix your gutters, contact the best in rain gutter repair and installation. Get the job done right the first time.


By Cassie Costner

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