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Micro Mesh Gutter Protection Leads to Problems for Homeowners

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Micro Mesh Gutter Protection Leads to Problems for Homeowners

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All this rain has been ideal for our lawns, but less than helpful for the gutters of our homes. Many people go extended periods of time before realizing that their gutters are clogged, and by then damage might have already been done. There are many options out there when it comes to gutter protection, choosing the right one is critical.


Take the steps needed beforehand to protect your home from the hard rains, winds, and debris that have the potential to damage your gutters and as a result the foundation of your home. Rain Gutter Specialties can help fit your home with the best protection against the elements to keep your gutters functioning no matter what mother nature throws their way.


The Problem With Micro Mesh



One of the more common gutter guards currently on the market are the mesh filters that are designed to block debris from entering your gutter. While this may initially seem like the easiest solution, it will cause many problems over time. These products will start off seeming to work, but quickly give way to rust and corrosion.


While the companies that produce these products claim that nothing but water will get through the mesh, this isn’t necessarily true. It may keep out debris blown in the wind, but the aluminum and stainless steel the mesh is made from will begin to rust, leaking into your gutters. This will not only damage and reduce the effectiveness of the mesh, but your gutters as well. Stay away from these products as they will only cause you problems over time.


The Solution



Now that you know the dangers of metal mesh gutter protectors, what options do you have? For those who are looking to protect your gutters from the elements, gutter toppers are the best solution. These will truly protect your gutters without causing their own damage. It is the material along with the design that will keep your gutters safe from the elements around them, preventing lasting damage.

Look into the protection of your gutters from the outside elements, understanding the risks present. Mesh gutter guards are an ineffective and damaging way to keep debris away from your gutters. Instead opt for more sure and stable methods. This will save you greatly in the long run, reducing the need to replace the guards and eventually your gutters. Make sure this protection is looked to, taking care of your gutters in all seasons. Doing this will save you much of the trouble this spring and summer, cleaning out the winter’s debris from your gutters.

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