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Ice MeltPanels

  • Prevent ice and snow buildup
  • No need to remove snow
  • Efficient and self-regulating

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Heating Panels

Essential ice melt component

Roof heating panels are an essential part of any Utah roof ice melt system. Once they’ve been professionally installed by one of our highly trained technicians, they will generally require only very minimal maintenance (if any.) Heating panels have many benefits, including:

  • Prevent ice and snow buildup on your roof
  • Avoid the dangerous task of climbing on your roof to remove snow
  • They’re efficient and self-regulating, so you won’t waste electricity
Utah Heat Panels

Safe, efficient, and effective

Once installed on your home or business, heat panels will protect your property from damage caused by ice and snow buildup. They will also prevent liability issues that occur as a result of sheets of ice and snow sliding and falling onto cars or people. Best of all, they’re safe and durable, so you won’t have to worry about constant maintenance issues.

Utah ice melt solutions

Rain Gutter Specialties is Utah’s choice for home protection—we offer everything from rain gutters to ice melt systems. We are dedicated to keeping your home or business safe from damages caused by Utah’s extreme weather conditions. Call us today to learn more about heating panels and the advantages they can provide.

Utah Ice Melt Solutions