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Ice Melt Systems

  • Prevents ice and snow buildup
  • Protects from structural damage
  • Avoid cleaning after storms

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Roof Ice Melt Systems

Ice Dam Protection

Ice dams are ridges of ice that can form at the edge of a roof. When they form, melting snow may be prevented from draining off your roof and into your rain gutter system—potentially causing major damage as water begins to leak through the roof and down the walls of your home. An effective ice melt system will:

  • Prevent ice and snow buildup
  • Protect your property from structural damage
  • Help you avoid having to clean off your roof after every snow storm
Ice Dam Prevention

Ice buildup prevention

At Rain Gutter Specialties, we’re dedicated to providing solutions to the various problems that can cause damage to your roof and other parts of your home. That’s why we offer a variety of ice melt systems for home and business owners throughout Utah. Typically, two of the most vital components of an ice melt system are heat cables and heating panels—together, they will provide complete protection.

Utah Ice Melt

Utah’s ice melt specialists

Home or business owners with an ice melt system in place can know that their property will be safe from the damages caused by even the most extreme winter conditions. To learn more about how an ice melt system can benefit your home or business, call Utah’s Rain Gutter Specialties!

Ice Melt for Roofs