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Get Your Heart Out of the Gutter

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The Valentine’s Day holiday is one of the most popular consumer holidays in the U.S, and in many countries across the world. As a holiday marketed to and overtly centered on relationships and couples and everything symbolic of connection, and friendship, and love, it is also a common day for sadness, depression, and other emotional chaos.

True Meaning of Valentine’s Day

To add some perspective, the thing about Valentine’s Day is that it doesn’t actually mean anything–and even to many people in stable, successful relationships, it is just another day in mid-February. The social importance placed on Valentine’s Day is typically overemphasized by advertising, so there is really no reason to get too worked up over the holiday–especially if you have a history of feeling bad during this one day of the year.

When you look at Valentine’s Day as little more than a branded holiday where your desire to connect with others or show appreciation or affection is swiftly commandeered by retail stores, restaurants, and virtually everyone else wanting your consumer patronage, the authority of the holiday is kind of lost.

It’s Only One Day

When your heart is in the gutter on another Valentine’s Day, just picture the overworked advertising executive tirelessly trying to finalize her campaign to convince you that your loneliness can be solved by going into debt for some material good.

The absurdity of the picture should give some perspective on the contrived importance the Valentine’s Day holiday creates. If you have cause to celebrate Valentine’s Day, do so. But if the thought of another Valentine’s Day holiday alone among all of the perceived happy couples is getting you down, remember that no relationship or personal connection hinges on any holiday, much less an expressly romantic holiday like Valentine’s Day, and there is always someone who has it worse than you.

Unlike many other larger, worldwide official holidays, Valentine’s Day is typically much more exaggerated in scope by media and advertising. The potential for connection and true love are always present, and don’t begin or end on the 14th of February.